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Termite inspection termite barrier pest control gold coast brisbane

Termite Barriers for Domestic or Commercial properties.

Our Promise

Our priority - site safety
Our objective - timely completion
Our goal - right the first time, every time
Our approach - innovative  
Our pricing – competitive


We've got all your needs covered.

We are fully licenced and insured to install physical termite barriers to new homes and new commercial buildings. Existing homes can have either physical termite barriers or chemical termite barriers. We recommend the use of Termidor chemical for all chemical barrier treatments but can use other products if requested. We do building/termite inspections, general pest control, species specific pest control, physical & chemical termite barriers, termite eradication and termite damage repairs. 
We are licenced installers of Term-Seal products for all termite solutions including a waterproofing and termite barrier in one. Term-Seal products contain bifenthrin that repels and kills termites on contact with no leaching out of the products. Bifenthrin is in the pyrethroid family are manmade versions of pyrethrins which come from the chrysanthemum flowers (daisy flowers). Term-Seal offer a 50 year warranty to all new dwelling barriers installed. We can also provide warranty termite inspections for Term-Seal, Homeguard and Termimesh termite barriers.

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At QLD Barriers our claims of professional service are supported by over 15 years experience.  As owner operators it is in our best interest to always go above and beyond. We survive only if we provide the highest quality at competitive prices. 

Professional experienced pest control termite inspections termite barriers Gold coast Brisbane