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QLD Barriers

(Formally QLD Waterproofing & Pest Management Pty Ltd) 

was selected to conduct the

Waterproofing demonstration for 2015 Master Builders Roadshow.

Proper waterproofing is a homeowner's first line of defence against gradual structural weakening caused by water seeping into a house from above and below. As a result, waterproofing should be one of the first improvements a homeowner considers. It is far better and more cost-effective to avoid, rather than endure a catastrophe in the future.

We use Crommelin waterproofing membrane products for our general waterproofing. Crommelin  are Green Star Compliant and have an excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.

Common places where waterproofing membrane  is required include:

  •  Bathrooms, the shower must be thoroughly sealed because that is where most water is directed, but anywhere in the bathroom where the walls meet the floor should be waterproofed. 
  • The laundry room is another water-prone area of the house that should be properly waterproofed. 
  • Rising damp can become a problem on the high side of a sloping property when water becomes dammed against the foundation. 
  • Balconies, whether timber or concrete these need to be waterproofed. 
  • Retaining walls, if water can find it's way in it will find it's way in. It can cause timber rot or electrical problems as well as attracting TERMITES.

Water where it's not wanted can become a real danger. Water rots timber, weakening the timber. This has led to floors and balconies collapsing!  Mould and mildew caused by water can trigger allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Properly installed waterproofing membrane is essential to the structure of the building.

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